Download Software Hidden Files Tool

I will now share the software is small, lightweight, but insha allah useful. His name is Hidden File Tool, which is portable software that serves to hide files / folders and restore it again, can change the attributes of folders such as system, archive, and read only with ease, and most importantly is the Hidden File software tool is needed when there is a file / folder is hidden by the virus. To be honest I also get the software Hidden Files Tool is when the files in my flash is hidden virus that forced me to searching on the internet, finally I found a Hidden File software tool. In addition Hidden File Tool software is also user friendly (easy to use).
Screenshot Hidden Files Software Tool:

Key Features Hidden Files Software Tool:

     Small size (about 35 KB) and portable.
     Search for files / folders with system attributes, hidden, read only and archive. Buddies can also use any combination of these.
     Custom Filtering. Buddy can search for all files (default to *; **.) Or certain file types, for example: * exe, * etc.; * pif.
     Can delete the file from the list / list.
     Easily change the attributes of files / folders selected.
     Custom search directory.
     Highlight the results for multiple file extensions.

Support for operating systems: Windows 9x, 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7.
Well, for those who are interested please download the software Hidden File Tool her on the following link:

     Download Hidden File Tool 2.0

How to use it very easily, so I will not describe it here. This software is portable so it does not require any software installation process. I believe bloggers can understand itself quickly. So just from me, apologize for its shortcomings.